BurningAngel: My Killer Girlfriend – Part IV


The fourth and final part of BurningAngel‘s “My Killer Girlfriend” delivers a very interesting, and not expected ending to the story. But I am getting ahead of myself.

So, Joanna starts wondering where her friends are, but Carmen always seems to have an excuse, and this time she is saved by the bell, as Katrina Jade and Aaron show up for a game of “Never Have I Ever”, which turns into a foursome with the consent of Carmen, of course. The fourseome becomes a real orgy, everyone seems to enjoy it, but it doesn’t just end in cum, it also ends in blood!

Check out the whole story to see just how exciting and bloody things turn out, and how this whole story ends!

BurningAngel writes:

Katrina Jade and Aaron came by and the gang decided to play a game as they dismissed and laughed off secret psycho killer Carmen’s suggestion that their missing friends were all dead. In a silly round of “Never Have I Ever,” it was discovered both Joanna and Katrina’s significant others have had orgies! As a bunch of adults chugging water with perfect pH levels discussing group sex goes, things naturally progressed into a frenzied fuckfest between curious horny friends! Hydration makes a big difference! Just one question remains: who makes it out of this sex party alive?!

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