StaggStreet: Darenzia’s Classic Tease


Sets like these look like have been taken out from the flowing of time and set in a magical timeless place. The warm tones of dark red and fleshy pink, the dark deep shadows, the clothes and details like the monkey collection trick the mind into a “classic pinup mode” that is always charming when properly shot.
Darenzia is gorgeous, in all details. Long flowing hair, full lips, penetrating eyes and a voluptuous body. Plus – an extra that I leave for connoisseurs and fellow fetishists – she has very sexy feet.
A very classy set, full of charm, warmth and sensuality, with that comforting feeling that only the good classics have.

StaggStreet: Darenzia's Classic Tease
Stagg Street writes:

I shot this so long ago I wasn’t sure if I even liked this set. Now that I edited it, I love it. Darenzia is very sexy, but the images are very quite and soft. You feel like you’re really in bed with her. And the monkeys at the end, you have to see them.

StaggStreet: Darenzia's Classic Tease

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