Little Elf Girl ROXYCAT Sucks Two Toys At The Same Time


You can make good use of that morning wood with ROXYCAT today, because she is wearing a lovely elf costume that makes her look even cuter while she humps one of her plushies and grinds and moves her hips on it as she shows you her ass and the little interactive pink toy coming out of her pussy, indicating that you can send her hot vibes whenever you want.

ROXYCAT then takes out two toys and sets them up with a playful smile on her face. She zooms the camera in for a closer look at her tease, and she begins to eagerly suck on both dildos in front of her, this time closing her eyes to show her enjoyment as she sucks and licks each of them, properly paying attention to both and giving them lots of oral affection in a double blowjob that’s more majestic than a double rainbow.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

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