MorticiaMorg’s Hot Spider Gag Drool Tease


MorticiaMorg has chosen to wear a spider gag for a while, and this sexy tease provides you with one of the most exciting ways to start your day if you are still sleepy this morning, because when you see how hot MorticiaMorg looks with her spider gag on, you’ll immediately have a boner that could last you for hours.

The gag of this goth goddess has a silver ring in the middle of it, right on her mouth. It still makes speaking hard for her, but does allow for some exciting opportunities for MorticiaMorg to tease you with her tongue, which can come out of the ring and make her drool erotically while she’s got it on.

Clothes have already started to come off as well, starting with her black bra, which disappeared from her body to give way to an enjoyable view of her breasts all covered with sexy fishnets that MorticiaMorg pulls to the center to make the view of her bare tits more alluring, and to keep things sensual and fun, she also shows you her fine booty too while she gives herself some sweet spanks with one of her favorite rubber paddles.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Pale, tattooed and pierced goth girl with a cute ass, pretty pussy and a love of all things kinky.

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