BadMax: Masuimi Max Lets a Cat in the House


Have you ever entered a house and got the clear impression that the house cat was also the house owner? Well, when you enter this classy house, be prepared to be welcomed by a black cat that looks so much like Masuimi Max, and she definitely has claws!

The set is elegant and soft, but watch out for the details (what’s on Uncle Bob’s back?!?) and you will notice the dark side of this beautiful feline. The black lingerie and dark makeup really bring out Masuimi Max’s velvety lips and smooth curves, when she undresses for you in this great set.

So, if you like cats – and you’ll love this one, she can be found at BadMax but be careful, cats can be fickle!

Masuimi Max writes:

Black Cat
78 photos by Morat

It was so great to collaborate with Purrfect Pineapples again, I love Erika’s lingerie and corset designs.. they are so cute! In this set I take cute to another level, and I get a bit naughty!

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