BarelyEvil: Barbie Exquisite Stimulation In Ivory Dress


This is a very original BarelyEvil set, featuring the gorgeous and enigmatic Barbie posing with a white dress on, which covers her body very well, while also being sweet, slightly tight and appropriately short to have you fantasizing about the figure it so aptly envelopes, making you wish she’d take it off immediately so you can enjoy more of that sexy body.

She knows she has cast this gorgeous spell on you, with her looks and sultry gaze that has the ability to mesmerize you, so she takes her time to seduce you, using the bus, inside and out to bring you more of that delicious erotic atmosphere she has created.

Eventually she does take her clothes off. She shows you her lovely tits, and begins caressing her body, making you feel like you are going to explode from all the built up excitement that just continues coming your way with every sensual move that this woman makes, and the creative ways in which she shares her beauty with you.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

This set has always been a personal favorite of mine, and a favorite of Barbie’s as well. Perhaps one of the riskiest sets we ever shot together, this school bus served as a fun location despite the blistering summer heat. The interior of the bus was like an oven, but that didn’t slow us down one bit as we as quickly snapped as many photos as we could. We’d spotted the bus parked behind a small school as we were searching for unique places to shoot, and luck was on our side as it happened to be a weekend. With the school seemingly empty, we brazenly used this bus to capture these iconic images with neither of us fully realizing how much trouble we’d be in if we’d gotten caught. Thankfully we remained unseen, and credit has to be given to Serena from for acting as our lookout once again.
-Doug Markwith

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