The Dragon from Mr. Hankey


Some of you have been admiring the awesome Seahorse toy From Mr. Hankey featured by Jenevieve Hexxx in our latest issue of AltStar Magazine and I wanted to tell you about the exciting newest creation from the same creative sculptor. This thing is a beast and it’s name is Dragon. I love the detailed realistic snake skin and scales, with ridges and hints of internal musculature, making it look almost alive. There is very little which can mimic the feeling of reptilian flesh sliding over your sensitive skin and this impressive toy looks to accomplish the challenge. I also really like the slight bulge at mid shaft, making for that girthy extra full feeling of being fucked by a treasure hording fire breather.

Made from the highest quality 100% Platinum silicone, you don’t have to worry about it getting too funky or degrading anytime soon and you can even get your Dragon fitted with a Vac-U-Lock slot at the base for attaching it to your favorite fuck machine. Just beware, Mr. Hankey is known for size. Even the small, show here with a beer can for scale, measures in at 9.75″ long and 7.50″ in circumference at mid shaft (that’s 2.38″ in diameter for those of you who don’t remember your geometry.) The materials Mr. Hankey uses make for a very smooth luxurious feel that’s just the right balance between firm and supple to the touch. Stay away from the silicone lubes, as they are not great on the lifespan (or porosity) for silicone toys, but water based or oils are great with these.

I’m also happy to see that Mr. Hankey recently added the Carmen Rivera Strap-On Harness to his offerings, because finding a harness that can work with oversized toys can be a lot more difficult than it should be.

Mr. Hankey‘s new Dragon design would make for some impressive cum shows on cam, just saying.

Mr. Hankey writes:

Another brilliant creation from the same designer that brought you the Seahorse, Beowulf and many of our other best selling toys. The Dragon is an intricately detailed and beautifully sculpted masterpiece, a true work of art that deserves to be placed proudly on display in your home when it’s not deep in your hole. You will feel the scaly detail of this serpentine creature as it slithers in and out of your dark caverns, stubbornly forcing it’s way past any tight passageway it encounters and savagely seeking the deepest place within your ass-womb where it can forcefully breed it’s newly invaded host. Don’t blame us if you find yourself strangely attracted to reptiles after spending an evening with the Dragon!

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