GodsGirls: Lovisa’s Wednesday Addams


I love,love, love Lovisa, so naturally I was really glad to see her cosplay such an iconic character like Wednesday Addams.

If there is something more amazing than a hot girl dressing up as one of the most interesting characters, that’s seeing how a beautiful model like Lovisa transformed the character and made it her own. I love how she’s not the exact replica and how she managed to keep the vibe of the character and spice it up even more.

Lovisa is wearing a black outfit with a white collar and sexy black lace lingerie underneath and she has the spiteful expression on her face, just like Wednesday Addams, and she’s also really cute.

When Lovisa takes off her clothes, she turn’s into a naughty Wednesday that will put some very naughty thoughts in your mind. With her stunning body and beautiful face she’s absolute perfection!

GodsGirls writes:

Move over Christina Ricci.

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