Razor Candi In Her Most Natural Form


Confession: I have a bit of a (huge) crush on Razor Candi, which means whenever I get to look at this gorgeous girl I always get a little excited (not in that way!) because, I mean honestly how can you not rave about Razor Candi? She’s talented, she’s gorgeous, she’s got an awesome coffee table book coming out (and to find out more about that, check out the interview AltPorn does with her: Here!).

The fact is, this lovely lady has more than just looks, but in this outside set the way her long black hair and her pale skin (and awesome tattoos) stand out against the green leaves and trees just makes it.

Razor Candi writes:

A perfect set for the autumn season. I was very inspired to shoot something soft with a note of simplicity. Being off grid for a couple if weeks after my return to the US left an imprint on my creativity. Surrounded by the flora and fauna of the Appalachian mountains I surrendered to my most natural form allowing nature envelop me in her delicate embrace.

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