CandyCrushed’s Sensational Anal Show


The delicate beauty CandyCrushed and her breathtaking tits are, well, taking our breath away so to speak. She has us glued to our screens with her ethereal charms and soft-spoken demeanor. Her big warm eyes just draw you in as she delivers some striking visuals you won’t so easily forget. Wearing burgundy lace that wraps tightly around her body, revealing a lot but still hiding the important bits. She takes out her sexy tits and teases with a grope and a fondle. THe anticipation is rising and she finally pulls down her panties revealing a perfect soft pussy. CandyCrushed brings her focus to her ass with rubbing lube on. She reaches for a glass dildo and slowly slides it into her tight little hole. It’s safe to say that everyone’s aroused and hot, CandyCrushed finishing us off.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

I’m Mandy, I’m a pin up model and sometimes adult film actress formerly based in LA and I have Classic and Hypermobility Type Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and when not modeling and not playing games at home I am covered in braces and sometimes use a wheelchair. I have heterochromia, one of my eyes is blue and the other green. I have a PEG-J feeding tube in my paralyzed stomach as well that isn’t being used much right now. I like science fiction, art, comic books, books in general, videogames, neuroscience, traveling and tabletop RPGs. You may know me as Mandy Morbid from the handful of adult films I’ve done. Mandy Candy directed by Kimberly Kane is my favorite. I played the cleric Tizane on our D&D show I Hit It With My Axe. Yes my boobs really are natural. I also have very very tiny feet, size 2.

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