RileyVega Sexy Bath Time Romance


RileyVega gives you a moment of pure ecstasy whenever she plays with her pussy, and tonight she takes her hitachi to its limits on a pussy-rubbing marathon that showcases all the deliciousness of this woman, as you get to see her playing with herself with both the toy and her fngers, to create a combo of unending arousal for you to feast your eyes on.

Later, she takes things to a more comfortable location, at the same time letting you know that the hotness and seduction have just started, as the new location sees RileyVega in her bathtub, with her body resting in a pool of deep-blue water that contrasts with her blonde hair and her smooth skin as she continues displaying her frisky nature and lovely energy that gets you ready for the next round.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Languages: English
Orientation: Bisexual
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5’6
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Green
Tattoo: Ask me!
Piercing: I have my vertical labret and both nipples

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