Catjira puts on a remarkable show as Wednesday


Catjira, the crème de la crème of the camming world. With tonight’s show, she proves once again why she’s one of the top cam girls. Her material is amazing, combining impeccable cosplay and extraordinarily arousing cum shows. Today you can buy ALL of it for a special price so be sure to check that out!
Going back to the topic of today’s show. Now, picture this: Catjira with the sun behind her, black&white video, her sexy black silhouette performing an erotic dance number. It’s so well done that at first I though she was playing a prerecorded clip. But Catjira is indeed live and dressed as the cutest hottest version of Wednesday Addams. As she removes her signature black dress and dances in the shadows you’ll be living for those precious moments when the sun hits her just at the right angle: during these precious few moments you get to see a little detail of that sexy naked body…

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

April #top20! MFC Model • #Camgirl #Cosplay • ALT Awards Best New Cam Model 2017 • Cammy Awards Cosplay Performer of 2017 • 18+

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