BadMax and Idelsy Love possessed by naugty spirits


BadMax and a fellow sexy friend, Idelsy Love, are having an unusual slumber party. They have ventured into the world of the unknown and decided to try their luck with a spirit board. Now, if you’ve ever seen any horror movie ever, you’ll know that the spirit world is something not to be trifled with. Whether or not they have opened up a gate between our world and their world I’m not sure… but there’s definitely something in the air that makes these two ladies give in to the pleasures of the flesh.

Masuimi Max starts off dressed in a bewitching black corset and lace, while miss Love wears the same attire in contrasting white. They are spread out on a stunning gothic-style bed with the spirit board between them – both with lust in their eyes. The revealing dresses soon come off and you can bask in the glory of their superb tits. The girls share an intimate kiss and things only escalate from there. Are you willing to take a leap of faith and give into the perversions and sin? Be careful now, for when you taste the forbidden fruit there’s no going back.

Masuimi Max writes:

Welcome to our sinful slumber-party.. Idelsy Love and I asked the spirits if we should get naked, and they said yes! We also asked if we should do a video to go with this set… Apparently we were talking to naughty spirits!

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