GodsGirls: Nixie Easter egg hunt


Like a good GodsGirls, the adorable Nixie has taken a few Easter shots, and shared them with her fans. The pictures are very interesting, she’s sunbathing naked, wearing only her bunny ears and a big smile on her face. The setting is just perfect, and her features seem to glow in the sunlight. Nixie also has a basket of eggs, and she’s taking a few funny pictures with them. The whole photo set is amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s funny, and it has a subtle but amazing sensuality to it. Make sure you check out Nixie‘s entire set, you’ll surely love it.

GodsGirls writes:

I am an artist. I am always drawn towards anything abstract or bizarre. I find out of the ordinary things to be quite beautiful. I also tend to get bored quickly, so I find annoying ways to amuse myself. I am obsessed with make up and black phoenix alchemy lab perfume oils. I love taking trips to the ocean and I desperately want a pet jellyfish.

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