GodsGirls: Lenore in White Light


This beautiful set will splash you in white. White linens, white furniture, white tapestries, white wood, pale skins. Everything shines of a white glow, like the pages Lenore is reading in her bed.

And just as the book she is reading turns her on up to the point of fingering herself, so flipping the white pages of this hot set will turn you on, as you discover the toned white body of this sexy Russian lady.

A simple and effective GodsGirls set, exploiting an ordinary setting and an ordinary situation (with an extra-ordinary model) to tickle our lust!

GodsGirls writes:

I get super excited about anything I’m passionate about. I talk. A lot. I’m awkward and silly. I make stupid jokes all the time that no one ever gets but I think are hilarious. I shit talk. I don’t judge anyone. Never. Ever.

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