Double goth trouble! WingID_Lust + a sexy friend


I’m a big WingID_Lust fan. She’s totally my style from the easthetics, music, sick dark interests – this is my kinda lady! Today she’s joined by another sexy miss, so beware, they’re double the trouble! First of all this makes for an amazing fun atmosphere. You can just relax and unwind with the ladies while they’re being a perfect mixture of sexy and silly. Cracking jokes, flirty cuddling, booty “battle”-ing,… While they deffinitely look diffirent it’s obvious that there was thought put behind their attires tonight. Our Lady WingID_Lust is, as always, the lady in red in her revealing red fisnet, while her friend pulls off her black skull-printed fishents wondefully.

So if you’re up for a fun chill time with bad-ass goth industrial music, come join us now…

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Gothic Temptress*Camgirl*Alt Model

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