Nintend_xo Hitachi Jenga challenge


It must be very difficult trying to keep your calm, a very steady hand while playing Jenga – even with ideal circumstances. Nintend_xo‘s situation is anything but ideal or easy. She’s got a Hitachi between her thighs which is happily reacting to the vast amount of tips coming in. The tippers are extra keen today since they love to see our beauty squirm. Now imagine keeping a steady hand and keeping your tower from collapsing while getting tingling stimuli on your clit (or erm cock?). I don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t do anywhere near as well as Nintend_xo. She’s working some Zen mojo: the tower is tall and stable even though she’s visibly struggling to keep her composure.

On the side note: WOW. She looks fantastic. The flowers on her harness and in her hair makes her look like an angel.

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