BlueBlood: Dorothy Gets Us All In The Mood… For Christmas!


Dorothy, quite frankly is a-freakin-dorable. There is just no other way to put it. And with a lot of us getting ready to celebrate Christmas, and some of us far from in the mood for it, I know that this is the perfect thing for everyone. Anyone already in the mood, will love it. Anyone not in the mood- well, it might tips the odds in favor of Christmas just a little. Now, no matter whether or not you’re celebrating Christmas, if you’re ready for it, or if you’re even celebrating it you should check this out. Dorothy is always an interesting girl and that reflects in her sets. From the way she plays with some garlands to the way she bends- this shoot, like all of her other ones, is hella fun to watch.

Blue Blood writes:

Forrest Black and Dorothy and I did this shoot while we were working on the initial Kickstarter for the Ultra Happy Alarm coffee table book. Right now, that link still goes to the Kickstarter, but, in a couple weeks, we’ll have some preorder options at that link available for people who missed it. We livestreamed the beginning of this shoot to Kickstarter and elsewhere and then some of the naughty bits at this infinitely NSFW link. Please check it out and email if you are interested in us livestreaming more shoots there. We’d love to hear from you!

Anyway, happy holidays, everyone! Dorothy makes a delightful sparkly tinseled elf spreading the holiday cheer 🙂
–Amelia G

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