BlueBloods: Getting Dirty With A Pumpkin


I have to admit that out of all of the Halloween activities pumpkin carving was never one that I had loads of fun with. I’m not sure why. But since I’ve been out on my own needless to say I haven’t carved a pumpkin. This set by BlueBloods makes me want to.

Now, maybe it’s the colorful hair, or maybe it’s just how much fun it looks likes she’s having. Oh, who am I kidding? If you saw Dorothy, naked and enjoying the hell out of herself, you’d get in the mood to carve a pumpkin or two, too! It’s the colorful hair and how hot she is! This photo shoot has so many colors in it and I love it- but it’s those bright eyes that I can’t look away from- see for yourself.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

It’s our favorite time of year over here at BlueBlood’s GothicSluts and I’m really happy we have adorable amazing fun people to celebrate with. In addition to Halloween appreciation, Dorothy loves making a mess! So, who better to kick off the pumpkin carving festivities! Amelia G and I just got some much needed photo equipment upgrades and this is the first set posting from the new setup. There are lots of great new sets we’re very excited about to look forward to on their way! Happy Halloween season!


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