BadMax: Masuimi Max and Psylocke get crazy in the kitchen


The garish neon pink kitchen in which Masuimi Max and Psylocke, a pair of psychotic maids, reside provides the perfect pigmentation for this porn meets performance photoshoot from BadMax. These aren’t the kind of household help you’d find downstairs at Downton Abbey and, as great an actress as she is, Maggie Smith would not be welcome here.

Behind the shocking pink backdrop and stylistic posing, this shootcould be read as a pornographic critique of the nature of the class system. Two beautiful young women, Masuimi and Psylocke, sent insane by the rigid structures imposed upon them by heteropatriarchal capitalism. The two girls then turn on one another with knives, whilst simultaneously sexualizing each other with the very same phallic objects. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Hidden symbolic meaning or no, this is a truly memorable photoshoot. Masuimi and Psylocke have a great chemistry together and they both look stunning as they slowly lose their maid outfits throughout the course of the shoot, revealing their smoking hot bodies. It’s BadMax really doing what they do best!

Masuimi Max writes:

We are both wearing the French Maid costume I modeled for Lip Service and heels by Bordello. I want to shoot with Psylocke a lot more but she lives in Sweden! There is a tattoo magazine interested in our pics together, so you might be seeing these pics in print!

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