BadMax: A nice day for a vamp wedding


Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here from the site of BadMax to join together these women, Masuimi Max and Metal Sanaz in Unholy Matrimony. To hug and to choke, to kiss and to adorn with fairy lights.

This vampiric lesbian wedding photoshoot from BadMax is the kind that would drive the religious right into a mouth-foaming, Bible-bashing frenzy about the end of times. (Though I dare say 99% of them would be totally turned on by it at the same time, thus only compounding their confusion). That alone is a good enough reason, in my book, to celebrate the photographic union of Masuimi and Metal.

They say marriage is a union, of equals and opposites and the girls’ black and white, day and night, light and dark wedding dresses look incredible, though they both look even better without them, obviously. I particularly liked the photo of Masuimi and Metal hugging. They look really happy together. Not to mention REALLY hot…

If anyone here knows of any lawful reason why Masuimi Max and Metal Sanaz shouldn’t be joined in marriage, then keep your mouths shut and let the rest of us hold our pieces…

Masuimi Max writes:

Sanaz insisted that I take my dress off, then wrapped me in lights. Heh. I love going to her house to play! ? We are wearing lace wedding dresses by Lip Service. XOXO, Masuimi

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