EroticFandom: Morrigan Hel looks like a lascivious assasin in her red armour


There’s always something wicked hot about a girl with a blade, right? Regardless, you’ll find these pictures very arousing when you see the lovely Morrigan Hel posing in her blood red armour that just makes her perfect big boobs pop and adds a touch of danger and mystery to the pictures. She is also wearing high heels and apparently the pretty blade she uses to make the pictures even more dangerous and exciting is actually the blade from Dark Shadows, which I find to be amazing. The lovely Morrigan Hel flirts with the camera and like to play with the blade. Check out the entire photo set to see all the amazing pictures!

Erotic Fandom writes:

Morrigan Hel looks delicious in this armor series. Fun fact to know and share: The blade she is licking was the knife from Dark Shadows. Sword and Stone kindly supplied the metal gear for this shoot by yours truly and Forrest Black. We have had images from this shoot run in Marquis and Folsom Street Faire Guide and now Blue Blood members get to see everything!

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