GothicSluts: Penny Poison gets all wet


This latest photoshoot from GothicSluts features tattooed wonder-slut Penny Poison as she takes her morning shower. It’s hard to tell what she got up to last night, but it’s clearly one of those mornings where she’s feeling a bit groggy because she forgot to take off that cute, studded zip-up cyberpunk top before getting in. Nonetheless, Penny is a pro, and she fronts it out. It’s almost like she intended it to be that way…

Putting facetiousness aside for a moment, I loved this photoshoot. Penny looks absolutely gorgeous as she slinkily unzips the front of her figure-hugging jacket to reveal her beautiful breasts and I love those shots where she’s sitting on the floor, panties pulled to one side, her perfect pink pussy looking ripe and sooooo edible as the water droplets glisten on her pale white, tattooed skin. It’s GothicSluts doing what they do best!

Penny’s most fascinating asset, however, at least to me, is her forked tongue. Is it natural? How did she do that? And more importantly, what can she do with it that other women can’t?

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Forrest Black and I love love love working with Penny Poison. We’re creatively really on the same page and she looks like she looks and is just a really pleasant human being. I think she comes across like a sexy cyberpunk assassin in this hot spiked leather hot shower series. Yes, I know I said hot twice.
–Amelia G

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