BadMax: Masuimi and Skin Diamond, diabolic at the atomic


This photoshoot is BadMax meeting Mad Max. The Atomic Cafe conjures up images of some dive bar in a post-apocalyptic wasteland run by two devilishly sexy, tattooed bisexual bargirls, in the form of Masuimi Max and Skin Diamond, whose taste for strong liquor is only rivalled by their taste for each other. How the girls get their hands on premium whiskies in this not-so-dystopian vision of the future, we will never know…

Masuimi and Skin Diamond are both looking resplendent in those little PVC dresses and knee high boots that they work the bar in. When the night is through and the drunks have been cleared off of the little piece of scorched earth in front of the Atomic Cafe, the diabolical horns in the girls’ heads aren’t the only things that are horny.

With such an imaginative mise-en-scène, incredible costumes and a beautiful energy flowing between Masuimi and Skin Diamond, the good people at BadMax have created a horny, hellish, sci-fi tinged vision of neo-futurist sexuality.

Masuimi Max writes:

Here’s a devilishly naughty set with Sin…I mean, Skin Diamond, that we shot at the Atomic Cafe out in the desert.

Sorry it took so long.. our internet seems to be fixed now!

Also, I’m changing my hair color soon.. what color do you think it will be? Whoever guesses right will win some goodies!

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