AnalAcrobats: Proxy Paige and friends don’t need guys for serious anal play


Proxy Paige is a phenomenon, a tiny dynamo of sex who looks like butter wouldn’t melt, but she’s never been adverse to getting seriously freaky for the camera.

This scene from Anal Acrobats is no exception to that rule. The many-pierced princess is joined by Alysa and Raisa Wetsx for some intense exploration of each others assholes.

If you’re wondering how serious, lets just say at no time do the toys they use look like anything you’d find in a guy’s pants. They start with a silver rubber cock that has to have been the result of a dimension confusion in the workshop. The foot and a half long dildo is just one of many of the oversized toys that gets utilized in this scene.

From then on each of the PVC clad girls displays a prodigious ability to take huge invaders up her ass. The scene ends with the flame-haired Miss Paige being worked over by a transparent monstrosity and obviously having a great time with it.
Anal Acrobats:

Starring: Proxy Paige, Alysa, Raisa Wetsx

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