RazorCandi’s sexy selfie experience


RazorCandi is spoiling us yet again with another self-shot shoot. She admits this one is unique in one aspect: she hadn’t shaved her pussy for a while. Seeing that she’s usually clean shaven, many of you must have been wondering when she’d let it grow out a bit. Well, this is it!

The whole set is a bit more natural than we’re used to. She has soft makeup, brown hair and a smile on her face in most of her photos. She’s obviously having fun snapping flirty shots of herself. The last few pics ar a bit more juicy compared to what we’re used to with RazorCandi; she captures some great angles. She goes as far as spreading her sweet ass and taking a closeup shot of the amazing view. This is definitely a great mixture of fun, playful and sexy.

If you are dying for more from RazorCandi go support her Kickstarter campaign. The girl has years of experience and has done tons of fetish, alternative, and erotic shots. She’s looking to release a book, a collection of her best work. To see her from a more personal perspective, as well, this selfie set is the poison for you!

Razor Candi writes:

A short camera phone selfie set shot the morning after the Abbath show while I was in Brasov. This set was shot during a pretty long break from shooting, while taking a break I also took a break from shaving for a little bit. Seeing my lady bits shaved to the skin is a pretty common thing in my photos so it’s no surprise I’d get requests for some hair at some point, represents maturity and I am a woman after all 😉 I thought it was fitting anyway since selfie sets are much more casual so a more natural element makes sense. Hope you all enjoy this very intimate selfie set!

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