GodsGirls: Hera Celebrating Alternative Beauty


Hera has these gorgeous bright eyes, and this adorable smile that she shows off during her set that takes place on a fuzzy white rug.

This set ranges from silly and cute to downright sultry and utterly sexy, and I love it. The bright tattoos compliment the playful vibe as she sheds her clothing. But the truth is, this is the kinda girl I wanna take home to my mom, don’t you agree? Maybe it’s just me and my bizarre attraction to Geminis(let me know in the comment what you think) but back to the lovely Hera, when asked why she is a GodsGirl she responded “To celebrate alternative beauty” and this shoot to me is all about beauty, from background to the way Hera poses her body- every photo is absolutely beautyful- and utterly sexy.

GodsGirls writes:

Name Hera
Age: 20
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation: Queer
Occupation: Porn lady
Location: Western U.S.
Hometown: The Shire, Middle Earth
Sign: Gemini
About Me: Cutie. Professional nude-taker and smut-maker.
Why Im a GodsGirl: To celebrate alternative beauty, artistic expression in the form of nudity and sexuality, and to make friends with those who share a passion for these things… And so everyone can see me naked.
Superhero Power Super strength!
Sexual fantasy A women’s only orgy.
Weapon of Choice: Quick wit.
Hobbies: Photography, painting, sexual deviancy, embarrassing myself, learning how to create stuff.
Music: Punk rock, ska, emo, folk, indie, hip hop, electronic. Everything for real.
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