RazorCandi: Razor Candi channels Medusa


Time for something really different from Razor Candi today. You’re probably more familiar her wearing far less, and showing off a lot more of her body art. In this update she’s eager to show off her more artistic side, and to that end she’s spent a hell of a lot of time in hair and make-up.

The results are pretty amazing, transforming Razor Candi, usually a pale goth goddess into a modern day Medusa, complete with thick ropes of green hair that could definitely be mistaken for snakes in the wrong light.

If you like the look of this painstaking photoshoot and feel like you want to encourage Razor Candi to do more out-there stuff alongside the nudes you already love, take a look at Kickstarter and the campaign the model has running there right now. A successfully kickstarted campaign will end in a beautiful coffee table art book of the model’s photos, definitely something worth backing. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, you just sign up to create a profile in any name you like and you select a pledge level for the reward you want from the project creator. Kickstarter does not charge you when you pledge. They only charge you at the end of the project time and only if the project meets its goal. Good luck, !

RazorCandi: Razor Candi channels Medusa
Razor Candi writes:

I’ve never really been an exceptional beauty. Maybe along the way of growing up I realized this and within me a different standard or ideal of beauty shaped itself. I’ve always had a hard time understanding why people born naturally beautiful were always praised, after all being naturally beautiful is certainly not a skill and it undoubtedly lacks art in every aspect since something in its natural state bears no creation or imagination. I’ve always found beauty in the construction of something that wasn’t there before, and the more imaginative, strange and bizarre, the better! Growing up as a female we’re constantly bombarded with every set guideline to what is considered beautiful and how to be feminine, the lucky ones manage to escape the high expectations. I’ve learned how to take those requirements and shape them into something more outrageous, weird, alien… beautiful. This is what comes to mind when I look at these photos. Being one of my very few sets shot in a collaboration with other artists I really wanted to breathe life into a character that portrays something inhuman. Though work like this often leads to people telling me the look is too scary and they prefer my natural state I will always feel that art eclipses the mundane, eternally and forever. I strongly feel looks like this are not about beauty in the ideal sense, even comparing the two seems absurd to me, yet it’s done time and time again. Originally the idea for the green make up was to be airbrushed but the make up artist did not have green paint so we went with what we had, a shimmery pigment which I think picks up the light beautifully. The desire for a better location goes without saying but sometimes we are left working with what we have. The over all look from when I arrived to when we snapped the last photo took about 5 hours. Through my journey I’ve learned that the ideal of beauty that we’ve been taught has nothing to do with art, whether something is beautiful or ugly is irrelevant, all that is relevant is the final creation of something that was not there before.

“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” – Stella Adler

RazorCandi: Razor Candi channels Medusa

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