RazorCandi: Death Squad Diva


I was very happy to get the chance to write about this particular photo set/video of RazorCandi, it reminded me of the first pictures I ever saw of her, and I must say she still looks as good as the first time I saw her. RazorCandi is dressed as a deathrock/punk diva, and she is fucking gorgeous. She has her black and pink mohawk, her high heels and her fishnets, beautifully complimented by a tiny skirt and a pretty jacket with patches. She’s slowly taking off her clothes, taking the hottest deathrock pictures you have ever seen, and trapping your soul with her mesmerizing gaze. Make sure you also check the video,it’s insanely hot!

I can’t wait for her coffee table art book to come out and it is not too late to pledge her Kickstarter for it and even get custom photos and more, in addition to a book of her insanely hot photos.

Razor Candi writes:

The last of the three deathrock themed sets shot during one of my photo excursions. I was a little disappointed with the low number of photos in this set, but being the third set shot after a long days work it’s not that surprising, however on a more positive note I think the set still encompasses a raw, hot punk rock attitude and outward sexuality that makes up for it 😉 I really wanted to capture that old school RazorCandi styling, making it look more like I stepped into the photoshoot from 2005 rather than 2015. I also managed to muster up the energy to shoot a video to publish with this set – enjoy!

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