Madame RazorCandi will whip you into shape!


Dressed in expensive burgundy lingerie, and holding a whip by the talented Leyland Craftwork, RazorCandi looks like a madame from the most luxurious French brothel of the 19th century. She is ruthless and demands complete obedience. Her beauty brings even the toughest leaders to their knees to submission. Her makeup is a beautiful smokey cat-eye with a classic red lip which completes the vintage sophisticated look. The long black hair with perfect bangs gives a sort of a modern Bettie Page vibe. Bettie is known for her revolutionary BDSM work so the connection might not be a coincidence.

This shoot is more of a fashion shoot than an erotic one. That doesn’t mean it isn’t sexy. I find the untouchable very sexy. Power is sexy. This is why one of the most common fetishes are uniforms of people in power. RazorCandi displays this perfectly: the look in her eyes is somehow both stoic and very alluring. We are wondering does she want to ravage us or discipline us until we beg for mercy. This is the essence of a powerful mistress and our girl nails this to a T.

RazorCandi has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the release of her book. She wants to release a “beautifully produced coffee table book showcasing my work” as she puts it. I think we’d all like one of those in our living rooms for our guests to browse.

Razor Candi writes:

A collaboration between myself and Leyland Craftwork. I’m using her Mature BDSM 20″ Hex Riding Crop in Red & Black. It’s always both an exciting and fun endeavor when the opportunity arises to model for a designer or company. In this set you will see the fashion side of RazorCandi!

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