RazorCandi: Razor Candi And Her Ripped Fishnets


When Razor Candi decides to put on a set, she seems to always come out with something amazing. This time is no different. The tattooed, pierced, black haired beauty wanted to play around with the goth side of her(To quote her: “because they represent me a lot better”) and ohmigod am I glad she did. You can’t really go wrong with fishnets of any kind, and in this set, although they are a little (er, a lot) torn up, they kinda make it. I also love that we can see her bat tattoo in it, which is my favorite. With a close second to the Kālī on her leg.

Razor Candi is a down right sexy girl. Which is why it doesn’t matter what one of her sets you look at, it’s going to be hot- and this one does not disappoint. But really, how can anyone go wrong with sock garters, lace, leather gloves, fishnets and safety pins?

She is also working on a Kickstarter where you can get custom photos of her and also a book of her artistic erotic pics, filled with lots of torn fishnets and black clothing.

Razor Candi writes:

I always love shooting more goth themed looks, especially because they represent me a lot better. I felt something a little more sexy but dark would complement this location and I feel I made the right choice! Plus who doesn’t love ripped fishnets stretched over a bubble butt!? Hope you will enjoy watching this set and video as much as I enjoyed shooting it!!


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