BurningAngel: Yhivi the anal fuckdoll


The good folk at BurningAngel are playing off their strengths with this scene. This is a porn star’s feminine fantasy, being played out in a way that appeals to men and women alike. The beautiful teenage Yhivi plays the role of Xander Corvus’ fuckdoll, to use as he wishes. As the scene opens, creepy music plays and the camera pans across a plastic doll, bound in cuffs and a choker, and then rises onto Yhivi, dressed like the doll and sitting and waiting obediently, expressionless and irresistible with her pigtails and pert, round tits, for the next time when her master will slide his sword of life back into her.

With a few candles and a pentagram behind them, BurningAngel are once again toying with the symbols and imagery of subversion, much like the way that Xander toys with Yhivi’s willing teen ass. But, this is BurningAngel, and as it so often seems from their scenes, the sub-dom roles become reversed, and the women seem very much in charge. In the end, this is Yhivi’s fantasy, and Xander, despite fucking her every hole, is merely the conduit through which she fulfills one of her innermost sexual desires. A teenage porn starlet who can play the role of the sex toy and still give an air of being in control the whole time… Don’t we all get a little tingle at that thought?

BurningAngel: Yhivi the anal fuckdoll
Burning Angel writes:

Yhivi roleplays erotically as a creepy gothic doll, and the one thing that can bring her to life is rough sex in the darkness! It’s as if Yhivi is possessed by the devil himself, only it’s Xander Corvus and his Satanic tongue and cock doing the dark lord’s work inside her demonic dolly pussy and asshole – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. From her pigtails, natural tits and bush, perfect round butt and gloriously deep throat – it’s scary how perfect she is. He will invoke the power of orgasm upon her booty to return this evil plaything to the depths from which she came!

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