BadMax: In Bed With Masuimi


This BadMax set puts its best foot forward by showing you an intensely hot Masuimi Max completely naked from the start and teasing you with her poses right away. This allows your levels of excitement to go up to unimaginable stages as each image continues to bring you more of the pleasing views of her tits, pussy and ass in a bedroom setting where she shows you just how sexy she can be once she is alone with you.

A nice element here is that the set starts with Masuimi being naked, but it smoothly transitions to her wearing some very sexy lingerie as she plays around a bit with her environment and with the way she smiles in some of the images, you can tell that she was having a great time, and on top of that, her poses and seductive gazes that completely draw you in both with her underwear on, and when all you can see is her stimulating nude body.

BadMax: In Bed With Masuimi
Masuimi Max writes:

66 photos: Morat
makeup: I Am Sin

Shot on my phone, in my beautiful hotel room in Manchester. No edits, just raw sex appeal!

BadMax: In Bed With Masuimi

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