RazorCandi: PVC goddess


This is definitely one of the photo sets that will remind you why you adore RazorCandi. It has a strong and dominant atmosphere and she’s as fucking hot as ever, wearing a really sexy outfit and taking some amazing poses. She is wearing a really interesting headpiece and a sexy harness, nipple tassels and a very interesting piece of underwear. Of course, the high heels couldn’t miss from this photo set as well as her flawless makeup. I love how she manages to tell a story and make you feel so much more than lust, her pictures and videos are a whole new level of erotic art. Don’t forget to check out the video to see RazorCandi in motion.

Razor Candi writes:

A set shot to not only show the strength of art in photography but also the strength in women. As you all know I always like to change things up a bit and keep variety in my styles but there is always one thing I commonly stick to and that is portraying a strong personality, only this time I really wanted that to read across based on my outfit choice. I really love how the depth of lighting emphasizes the dominance of the overall look and atmosphere. For those of you who enjoy watching me in motion don’t forget to stop by my video gallery to see the video shot during this set!

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