BadMax: Masuimi Max gets patriotic


It’s election season and if things weren’t already hot enough in the American political kitchen, Masuimi Max is about to make things a hell of a lot hotter in this BadMax photoshoot. She may be of German and Korean descent, but there’s no questioning Masuimi’s dedication to her country. She brazenly wears it emblazoned across her ample chest, stars on one side, stripes on the other. Her patriotic outfit, along with her horse-tail meets punkette hairdo and sexy sleeve tattoos, makes her look like Lady Liberty, if Lady Liberty was a superheroine and came from the mind of a subversive 21st-century graphic novelist. It’s a look that’ll surely create a lot of star-spangled boners amongst her fans!

Gazing out over the New York City skyline, Masuimi seems to own this city. And as a true superheroine should, she appears flawless and powerful. Her skin soft and smooth, and her tits are about to burst out of their red, white and blue prison. Ho say, can you see how good she looks in this shoot? Like an American wet dream…

Masuimi Max writes:

Shot on top of the roof of our hotel in New York. The guys at the hotel were really cool, there was no roof access.. so I went down to the lobby, dressed like this, and asked the manager if we could shoot up there.. and he said yes! Morat used natural light, and shot me in some dark areas, so there is a bit of grain. We don’t always want to use studio lighting, especially when on a roof on a windy day!

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