BarelyEvil: Spontaneous photoshoot with Eidyia


This photoshoot from BarelyEvil came about as an impromptu way for redheaded Eidyia to kill some time while photographer Forrest Black was setting up another room for a whole other shoot. There’s a lesson to be learned for all of us here and it’s great to see models and photographers in the adult entertainment industry setting an example to us all. Instead of staring at her smartphone, Eidyia had Baphomet take a few photos. Time is precious, and we should all be a bit more creative when we’re waiting around. Sadly, we don’t always have super-hot girls around, but there’s still something to learn from all this.

Flame-haired beauty Eidyia looks absolutely stunning and this photo series works because of how effortlessly her beauty and natural sexuality shines through, whether she’s clothed or not. I loved the way her snow-white skin serves to accentuate the color of her glowing auburn hair and the tattoo on her back is intricate and sensual, just like she is.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

This is Eidyia in (and out of) her cool just kickin’ it clothing. She and I were hanging out, while Forrest Black was setting up a complicated studio lighting thing for another set we were going to shoot later in the day. I thought Eidyia looked so beautiful and sexy in her chilling outfit with the natural sunlight streaming in through the windows that I just had to shoot her in this. We had fun playing with the mirrors in the room too. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Baphomet. I hope you all enjoy this relaxed casual series of images.
–Amelia G

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