BurningAngel: Jordyn Shane and Jon Jon hit the high notes


Episode 2 of BurningAngel’s equal-parts hot, equal-parts hilarious ‘Making the Band’ parody begins with the fallout of Joanna’s “Find the Buttplug” contest. Everyone has done a great job… except for brothers Tommy Pistol and Xander Corvus. Tommy’s inability to keep Joanna’s buttplug out of his ass earns the two of them elimination from the game.

That evening, “not a rapper” Jon Jon goes on the hunt for a guitar tuner and Jordyn Shane is all too ready to help him hit the right notes. Watching Jordyn as she sucks down deep on Jon’s plentiful cock is hot as hell and if you like the contrast of interracial fucking, with the added hotness of a tattooed rock chick being the one on the receiving end of a big black cock, then this scene is pitch-perfect.

With its tongue firmly in its own cheek (when it’s not busy doing something else), ‘Making the Band’ is porn parody at its very best. BurningAngel have a knack for mixing just the right about of humour with hot sex that keeps the viewer not just hard, but actually hanging on to the story. The moment where Xander consoles his “brother” Tommy after their elimination has some real tenderness to it, and it’s clear to see that all the actors had a lot of fun making this.

BurningAngel: Jordyn Shane and Jon Jon hit the high notes
Burning Angel writes:

Team Bromance was eliminated and the contestants were sent to bed by boss bitch Joanna Angel and her partner Mr. Small Hands to get some rest. Jordyn Shane was alone strumming her guitar when Jon Jon entered the room and asked to borrow her tuner – but she has perfect pitch, so she could help him tune by ear.. and mouth. This cutie with a Southern twang was thrilled finally meet a black guy who wasn’t a rapper.. and then he had an idea (and a boner). Our classically trained opera singer used his smooth moves and dark chocolate cock to make Jordyn sing some high notes as he rocked her sweet cunt and made that thick ass and big ol titties bounce!

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