BarelyEvil: Ms Poisoness naked sun bath


Ms Poisoness has a new photo set, and it’s very hot. The setting is very simple and casual, yet her flawless body and naughty attitude make it very arousing, and the BarelyEvil photographers knew how to make these pictures perfect. She is taking off her clothes very slowly, revealing her gorgeous breasts and perfect abs, then she takes off her pants and panties and her ass is just spanking hot. She takes a few more poses on the bike while keeping eye-contact with the camera as if see could see through the viewers soul, glaring seductively and full of confidence. I must say I am looking forward to more photo sets like this one.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

We shot this set on Ms. Poisoness’ balcony. She is so fit that it was really artistically inspiring to work with the way the sunlight plays across her musculature. Pretty darn hot too. I hope you all enjoy this.

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