GodsGirls: Adrienne lusting around


GodsGirl Adrienne makes a blazing comeback after the well-appreciated and beloved Harley Quinn cosplay post. I must say I do admire her way of always coming up with new stuff,from outfits to makeup and toys she’s like an erotic Phoenix.

This time, Adrienne sets out to play at a laundry store, just before she plays with herself in the car.
Her outfit is both arousing and casual, screaming”it’s laundry day, I don’t have much to wear but I’m steamy and fuckable”. She wears a big hoodie underneath which we can see a little black nightie and lace stockings. Her outfit is wrapped up by a pair of platform boots and spiked leash.

After playing around a bit she undresses herself in the car, revealing perky white breasts and interesting tattoos. She starts playing with her pussy while looking at the camera with a depraved high school hot chick smear.

This shoot has been both amusing and arousing, and I am awaiting forAdrienne‘s new project.

GodsGirls writes:

i love being naked on camera, and enjoy telling stories through a series of photographs

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