BurningAngel: Groupie practice with Nikki Hearts and Seth Gamble


It’s the final elimination round of BurningAngel’s ‘Making the Band’ series and the competition is heating up. The remaining contestants’ challenge is to fit the word ‘butthole’ into the chorus of a song. Now, we all know that fitting in butthole can be tricky sometimes, but it’s always worth it, and after all, Joanna knows what she’s talking about on this subject, right? It just takes the right kind of practice.

Later that night, Seth Gamble is up late working on his song when he’s joined by Nikki Hearts. They get talking about why they want to be rock stars. For Nikki, it’s all about the groupies, which is something that gets Seth kind of horny. He says he’s not the type to get on his knees, so Nikki compromises and I, for one, am really glad she did because as hot as she looks, she looks even hotter when she’s sucking on a hard cock.

The third episode in the series, this scene is less parody and way more porn, which is definitely not a bad thing. But this is BurningAngel , and of course, nothing is taken too seriously, which is always part of their charm. In fact, Joanna and her team have worked really hard to find that fine line between straight-up porn and entertainment and they really hit it with this one!

BurningAngel: Groupie practice with Nikki Hearts and Seth Gamble
Burning Angel writes:

For the final challenge, Queen Bee Diddy Joanna Angel demanded contestants write a song using the word butthole in the chorus. Mr. Manos gave them a pep talk and sent them on their way. Seth Gamble found out Nikki Hearts was only in it for the groupies – she wanted people to worship her on their knees… Seth was interested in the concept of being HER groupie. Only, Nikki ended up on her knees – neither of them minded. Musicians need to find inspiration somewhere, and if it happens to be inside your competition’s slit, or wrapping your pussy lips around an eager starfucker’s dick, so be it! Carpe that fucking diem!

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