Love Is Dead for Small Hands


Horror filmmaker/writer Jerry Smith is working on a making a movie with BurningAngel‘s Small Hands and spookily sexy Penthouse Pet Little Miss Risk. APN’s own Steve Etcetera recently interviewed Small Hands, so you can check that out for a bit more insight into the tattooed leading man for the upcoming Kickstarter-funded Love Is Dead movie. He plays a man who suffered (caused?) the violent death of his wife and the action plays out in a support group setting. This is a psychological horror film, not a porno, but one of the rewards Kickstarter backers can select is a night partying with Small Hands and Joanna Angel!

LOVE IS DEAD is a short film about the emotional violence we can subject love ones to, when love dies. It’s a very dark story, one that features honest dialogue that goes for the jugular. It’s a very personal project for me, and something that I’ve worked on for years, until recently, when the opportunity arose to make the film with great people, all of which love the script and are excited about our “emotional horror” film.

tristan risk

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