RazorCandi: Deathrock Vixen needs Discipline


Gothic babe RazorCandi is back with another very sexy new photo set. This time, she’s kicking it old school, as she portrays a classic death rock fetish vixen, as a reminder of previous sessions she knows we can’t get enough of.

Perfect makeup, and hot death rock hairstyle compliment her foxy features, as she plays with our minds. She is wearing a skin-tight outfit and high heals. Her accessories, chains, crosses and spikes just scream that she’s a naughty girl. The title of the photo set, as she mentions on RazorCandi.com, is a perfect fit. The first photos of the session tease the viewer as she walks around the room, and then slowly crawls into the bed. Then she removes her corset, but not before playing a little with the chains across her waist. Next she removes her romper, making sure to tease and please, as the viewer gets to see all her lovely features, from the gorgeous milk white breasts to the mile long legs. After getting completely naked, we enjoy a few more shots with just her heels and spike choker, and then she starts playing with her cream white pussy while she focuses her attention on the camera, which only makes the pictures even hotter. I enjoyed this set very much. I love that bads like Ausgang make the perfect soundtrack for RazorCandi updates. She’s both authentic and gorgeous.

Razor Candi writes:

I’ve been a very naughty girl and can’t seem to keep myself in control 😉 Again, inspired by a past style of mine I wanted to recreate a sexy deathrock vixen that’s lost control, with the desire to bear all and not afraid to express it I strip off my skin tight romper and rub myself raw!





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