GothicSluts: Deatrock Swinging Pole Dancer Malice


I didn’t even know combination stripper poles/swings existed, but now that I do, how can I ever go back? These things are heaven sent and Malice McMunn definitely puts it through the ropes… er chains, in her blue-tinted BlueBlood photoshoot with Amelia G. Wearing only a barely-there fishnet bolero jacket, a pair of spiked stiletto heels, and leather fingerless gloves, Malice tests this contraption to the limits, doing what looks like a full yoga class while swinging from the ceiling. Couple this with her tight tattooed body, tits that defy gravity (seriously they look perfect right-side up, upside down, and everything in-between… and she does everything in-between), cat-eye makeup, peacock-colored shaved sides of her head, and long messy mohawk, and you’ve got an erection made in Gothic heaven. Or at least I do. You might ask yourself why there is an umbrella and latter on the back wall? So Malice can climb out of the pile after someone makes it rain! Too bad she only chases pussy. Sorry, you have to see the full photoset to get that last joke.



Blue Blood writes:

So Forrest Black and I were shooting the cover of our hardcover coffee table art book California Deathrock with Malice McMunn. And we were shooting it at our buddy Kevin’s place. And he has a giant steel stripper pole suspended on a chain from his ceiling. And Malice can do all kinds of cool stuff on the pole. So we had a little extra time and we shot Malice showing off her special abilities. Take a closer look and you will see that the platform under the pole is actually swinging above the ground in most of these!
–Amelia G


BlueBlood: Is it a Stripper Pole or a Stripper Swing? Malice McMunn Doesnt Care

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