BurningAngel: The Nightmare Before XXXmas


Hoe, Hoe, Hoe! Christmas it’s here, and with a hell of a special: The Nightmare before XXXmas.

Made as a parody to Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas, Burning Angel‘s Nightmare Before XXXmas is surely going to make a lot of people wet themselves. The artists put very much effort into the characters and acting and as a fan of the film I must say is a well-done parody. Sally’s got a tight pussy, and she plays alone on Xmas with nothing but a purple dildo, when Jack cums with a hard-on to her rescue. I must say I liked the song very much, is both funny and arousing, and the way the two characters fall for one another is beyond pretty. The rest is just “hot ragged doll and skeleton sex”. Merry XXXmas!

Burning Angel writes:

What’s this? Oh shit! Erections in the air.
My dick, my dick! White exploding everywhere.
What’s this? What’s this?

I won’t get it in your eye its thick and creamy suck on this, I’ll pull your hair.

Come suck my dick underneath the night sky.
We’ll suck and we’ll fuck under the holiday moonlight.
Your breasts – they’re real! I like the way they feel.
Oh look, a bush! I’ll eat it like a fuckin’ meal.
Your dress my dear its ripping at the seams, I think I know just what that means you want my dick and all my SEMEN..

You like it, you want it. You wanna hop up on it
So what happens next?

Hop into my arms let have hot rag doll and skeleton sex!

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