GothicSluts: Kasey Kasket Ruffles Your Feathers


If there was ever a gothic fallen angel it would have to be Kasey Kasket. If you drop over at GothicSluts you’ll be able to catch this set where this goth beauty plays around with black feathers, using them to emphasise her curves, fluttering around her breasts and her perfect shaved pussy. Her alabaster skin pops when contrasted with the industrial background so you can see every bit of her in all her glory.

While it’s not extremely graphic, it is definitely enticing. Kasey’s hips are mesmerising, I kid you not, check out the snaps of her on the floor resting her head in her hands and you will be staring straight into heaven, or at least her heavenly ass. Having so many standing and on all fours shots is a godsend and we even get a couple of frames where Kasey is smiling at us which are stunning.

Artsy, dark, a little spooky and definitely sexy, this GothicSluts set quickly became one of our favorites from miss Kasey Kasket who has the body and attitude to pull it off.

GothicSluts: Kasey Kasket Ruffles Your Feathers
Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Forrest Black and I got to do some experimental stuff shooting Kasey Kasket. I don’t think any of us — me, Forrest, or Kasey — could count how many times feathers were thrown to create these images, but it was a lot. The things we do for art.
–Amelia G

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