RazorCandi: Double Dildoing in Full Punk Fashion


We haven’t seen RazorCandi be blue in quite some time, but I think it suits her hair nicely. Her demeanor is anything but blue. The photoshoot is a striptease of her peeling off layer after layer of studded leather clothes and rips through her waist-high fishnet stockings to revealing her slim figure. A nice touch is the bandoliers of rifle bullets she removes from around her waist, pulls a cartridge and presses to her lips like she’s applying the most deadly lipstick, before she grinds the rest of the belt between her legs. The video starts where the photoshoot leaves off with RazorCandi playfully crawling on all fours like a cat, but she quickly crawls in bed to show us where the real pussy is. She rips through what’s left of her fishnets to give her fingers better access to her already wet pussy, but this is a bad kitty, and gets a few slaps while RazorCandi plays with her erect nipples. From there she pulls out a monster black dildo and thin blue beaded dildo and does what bad girls do best when they have a dildo in each hand: fuck both holes to shuddering ecstasy.

RazorCandi: Double Dildoing in Full Punk Fashion
Razor Candi writes:

I wanted to bring out the true punk in me for this one and really go all out by not only showing a little of my style when I am usually not in front of the camera but also by showing my genuine kinky side which members will soon experience just how kinky and wild that side gets in both the set and HD video! You know punks always do it better *wink*

Words from the photographer: RazorCandi shines brightest when she’s in her element of alternative/punk styling. Named after a Rudimentary Peni song which was covered by Dystopia, Cosmetic Plague gives you a chance to see RazorCandi perform as she enjoys most, a dirty little punk girl, free of any inhibitions or rules.

Trust me, the set was really fun to shoot and I think you’ll soon find out!

RazorCandi: Double Dildoing in Full Punk Fashion

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