BurningAngel: Bringing Curvy Back with Scarlet LaVey


If you like a beautiful woman with a nice set of tits and a luscious thick ass then the beautiful Scarlet LaVey is just the woman for you. She looks good dressed up in a gown, but Scarlet looks even better when she slips out of it and shows off her considerable assets and her beautiful tattoos. For those of us that like a good motorboating or a handful of ass Scarlet gives us all a nice show and a glimmer of hope as she brings curvy back into the pinup spotlight.

BurningAngel: Bringing Curvy Back
Burning Angel writes:

Doesn’t Scarlet LaVey look glamorous in her shimmery gown? I love how it flaunts her lovely, luscious curves, and how her big natural boobs look like they’re ready to bounce out and play – they’re perfect for motorboating and tit fucking! Never change, Scarlet. You are perfect!

BurningAngel: Bringing Curvy Back

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