BurningAngel: Krissie Dee Can Be Pretty Handy


It is Krissie Dee’s first day on the job as a handy man but as it turns out, when you are a pretty girl with a gorgeous body covered in sexy tattoos you don’t need to know how to fix anything. All you need to do is offer your tight little pussy and eager mouth, Krissie Dee knows how to do this and more and Tommy Pistol gets to enjoy all of her skills. Even though Krissie doesn’t know how to repair anything, she can come fix anything I have. Hell, I might start breaking stuff if Burning Angel models like Krissie are the ones showing up to repair it!

BurningAngel: Best Handy Person Ever
Burning Angel writes:

Better Blonde Krissie Dee was called in to fix Tommy Pistol’s tv, but it was broken beyond repair. She gave him her old tv, but then his favorite porno channel wouldn’t turn on. Disaster. How would he ever jerk off again? Eager to help, our pretty tattooed Asian Barbie doll offered her pussy to poor Tommy. Our blondes can fix any situation with hot sex!

BurningAngel: Best Handy Person Ever

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