BurningAngel: Scary Elvira Cosplay with Larkin Love


We almost let this campy Cosplay set slip by, and I feel bad for anyone that doesn’t recognise or know who Elvira is but I don’t feel bad for Ramon since he gets to enjoy fucking the sexy and talented Larkin Love as she’s playing the par of the sexiest evil late night horror hostesses in the world. Larkin Love looks great dressed as the Mistress of the Dark although the giant hair does get a little distracting when she is stripped down and taking that big cock really hard. Something about her pale skin and the dark Gothic look draws me in and makes me think about just how evil Larkin can really get and if she would be willing to leave the lights on with me, so everyone at Burning Angel can enjoy the view.

BurningAngel: Cosplay Just Got Scary Sexy
Burning Angel writes:

Larkin Love was all decked out in her Elvira cosplay trying to find last minute tickets to Comic Con, and Ramon had an extra ticket. She didn’t want to be late to meet the Doctor, but then Ramon said he didn’t actually have tickets! She was upset, but he was hot so she figured she may as well fuck him. After he came all over her pretty face and big tits, he had another surprise for her: he DID have tickets and they went happily to the Comic Con to “meet the doctor who.” Allons-y!

BurningAngel: Cosplay Just Got Scary Sexy

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