BurningAngel: Zarrah is a Slave to Skin and Ink


Zarrah is one hell of sexy and fun looking Goth girl. She looks great as she peels off her clothes and shows off her nice tits and her cute little pussy, but the thing that sets Zarrah apart from most girls, besides the boldly blasphemous inverted cross tattoo on her chest, is her nice round ass and her willingness to lay down and show all of us how good it look with a finger or two in side her. I like her nice pouty red lips too. I would love to say that I noticed Zarrah‘s attempts to make eye contact while playing with herself but I only noticed after a very long time since the view of her body was so fine.

Zarrah Angel

Burning Angel writes:

Zarrah loves cock, she wants it all the time. She is a cock slave and we love her that way. Here she is, thinking about all the cock she could possibly ever have in her pussy, mouth, and nice thick ass. What a good goth slut! It’s pretty much your lucky day.

Zarrah Angel

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